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Frequently Asked Questions

When you have booked a photo shoot you will receive a confirmation within 48h, as well as an invoice of payment link. This invoice must be paid within 14 days of receipt. 

Payment is only possible via invoice or payment link and not cash on the day itself. When you place a backorder, you will receive a separate invoice for this. Once the invoice has been paid you will receive your photos.

Account number: BE93 0689 3365 8167.


The weather plays an important role, as most photo shoots take place in the open air. When bad weather is predicted, we decide together whether to let the shoot go ahead.

In most cases of bad weather, we choose to move the shoot. In such a case, we will work together to find a new suitable date. In dry weather, the photo shoot can usually just go ahead. Clouds are no problem at all. If the weather is very gray, we will take a look at how serious it is. Sometimes it is also necessary to reschedule the shoot.

Count on a period of 1-2 months when booking. Do you have an emergency due to illness or any other reason? Then please contact us for the possibilities.


No, I have a thin photography leash/rope halter that can hold your dog or horse during the photo shoot. Afterwards I remove this in photoshop.


Usually within a week sneak peeks will appear on our Facebook page. So make sure you follow Lieselotte Claesens' page on Facebook!

Within 5 days after the photo shoot you will receive a personal link to our backorder page, where you can choose your photos and possibly order extra photos. After this you will receive the photos within 4 weeks after the order, these can be downloaded via a personal link.

A web file is 2048×1365 pixels in size and contains the watermark of LCD.be | Lieselotte Claesens. Such files are used for placing on the internet and social media. However, the format is NOT suitable for printing.

The 'HR' in an HR photo stands for 'high resolution'. These photos may NOT be placed on the internet and are only suitable for personal use. You can have these photos printed in any desired format. See 'disclaimer - general terms and conditions' for the use of web files and HR photos.

I work with a professional printer. When you choose to order photos online at: Blokker, Kruidvat, Hema, etc. the prints can be very disappointing. Our professional printing company guarantees the best possible quality. 

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