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Have you been considering to eternalize your unique bond with your four-legged friend in a picture? In this case, I’ll gladly be your professional photographer. My name is Lieselotte Claesens, and I am specialised in capturing images of dogs and horses.



The bond between you and your four-legged friend is rather unique. Probably, you already have a whole series of photos of your pet, alone or together with you. Yet, you might be missing that one photo with the wow-factor! A collection of photos that you won’t be capturing by your own, that you will be proud to share with friends and family. And, in the first place, photos to cherish now and forever as a precious keepsake of your beloved four-legged friend and your exceptional friendship.s over je dier, alleen of samen met jou. Maar misschien mis je toch wel die ene foto om trots op te zijn. Een collectie fotos die je nooit zelf zou kunnen maken. Waar je mee kunt uitpakken bij vrienden en familie. Maar vooral: die je nu en later zult koesteren als bijzonder aandenken aan een uniek dier en aan een ongekende relatie.

Hello! I am Lieselotte Claesens, a professional dogs and horses’ photographer since 2014. I have discovered my passion for animal photography while capturing photos of my own dogs and horses. Since then, my passion has become my profession. Photographing dogs and horses is an art, especially when you are expecting unique images. It is a matter of patience, technique, the right setting and some smart tricks to make them do what you want them to do. The result is in any case priceless. You get an eternal keepsake of the unique bond you have/had with your four-legged friend.

Feel free to browse through my portfolio. You can book a photo shoot on location. I also organise workshops on animal photography.

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Een professionele fotoshoot van je dier(en) is voor iedereen haalbaar en betaalbaar. De basis kostprijs voor een fotoshoot 300, alles inbegrepen.

It starts by booking a morning or evening session in my planning. Your specific wishes and expectations are then discussed in advance, and I will provide more details about the location so we agree on the practical arrangements for an optimal preparation of the photo shoot.

The photo shoot takes place in oneof my set locations in Flanders. Depending of your own place of residence and the desirable setting for the photo shoot, we agree on the specific location. The photo shoot takes place during "golden hour", which is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which daylight is softer and warmer than when the sun is higher in the sky.

De dag na de shoot krijg je al de eerste selectie te zien. Hieruit maak jij een definitieve selectie die ik professioneel afwerk. Binnen de 10 werkdagen heb je galerij met unieke beelden die een unieke relatie vereeuwigd hebben. 

  1. Photo shoot
  2. Selection
  3. Editing
  4. completion
- Margot Mennens -
"I had a super nice photo shoot with Lieselotte. Because of the many flies it was not an easy shoot but Lieselotte remained calm and patient. Afterwards there was a smooth communication. She also finished the photographs result very smoothly. Thank you for the beautiful photos!"
- Maarten Van Landeghem -
"Very friendly, patient and enthusiastic photographer. At out puppy photo shoot, we couldn't believe our eyes. Our puppy took poses we didn't even know she could do. Lieselotte got it all done! Never seen a disappointing result and always had a positive experience thanks to LCPD!"
- Ann-Sophie Schellen -
"Lieselotte came by for a company photoshoot. Something different she's used to, but these photos were also super successful. We already heard about her beautiful work because of the light in the photos. Lieselotte knew how to immortalize everything we asked for in a beautiful way. Definitely recommend her!"
- Kim Cornelli -
"I recently attended a private workshop on puppy photography with Lieselotte. I already had some experience in photography, but I still really wanted to learn. That's why I booked a private workshop. During this workshop I learned new things and also got new insights. I would definitely recommend a workshop with her."
- Leen Heeze -
“During the lockdown I followed an online workshop with Lieselotte. She explained everything very clearly and I learned a lot! I am very satisfied and would recommend it to anyone. I would definitely recommend it if you want to learn how to work with photoshop!"