Fotoreis IJsland 2022

Do you have a huge love for travelling and is it your dream to be able to combine this with your passion for photography? Then read on quickly to find out more! 


Photography trip Iceland 2022 - Saturday 16 July - Friday 22 July

Like Jikke and me, do you dream of a photo trip to the beautiful and mythical South Iceland? Then join us for a seven-day photo trip. 

Join us in photographing plenty of beautiful horses in different landscapes! From waterfalls to lava fields, to beautiful black beaches, brightly coloured mountains, glacial lakes and hopefully the purple lupines. 

We are the first to organise a trip to southern Iceland focusing mainly on the bond between owner and horse. That is not all, as there is also definitely the possibility for spectacular action photos, photos in a herd, portrait photos of the horse alone and possibly even riding photos.

Who are your hosts for this week?




Hello, I'm Lieselotte from, I'm 27 and a Belgian (full-time) animal photographer. I have been specialising in dog and horse photography for 10 years. With my own 3 Icelandic horses and by now more than 10 trips to the country itself, you can call me a real Icelandic fanatic and expert

Hi, I'm Jikke, 24 years old and an enthusiastic travel enthusiast from the Netherlands. In daily life, I am an entrepreneurial coach for animal photographers and organise my greatest passion; photography trips. It is my mission and dream to take as many other photographers as possible to a new environment to help you grow personally and as a business.

This is not your typical photography trip


The price is including 21% VAT.

  •  Many, diverse photo sessions with models with their beautiful horses in Iceland's diverse nature.
  • Personal attention and guidance throughout the photo journey.
  • Numerous workshops where Jikke and I share with you all our knowledge regarding photography, editing, entrepreneurship and marketing. And you get a tangible reference book with all the information.
  • Transfers with all information to and from the photo sessions including tolls and karaoke. 🚗
  • Six nights' accommodation with your own bed to relax in after all the impressions.
  • Always enjoy our cooking at every breakfast, lunch , snacks and dinner!
  • Transfer to and from Keflavik airport.
  • A cool, full goodie bag to keep this memory tangible forever.
  • Unforgettable adventures with a great fun group!  

price €1849

Count me in!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's included in the priceAll photo sessions and guidance
  •  Various workshops with goodie bag and tangible booklet with all the information
  • Transfers to and from photo session locations including tolls
  • All breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Six nights' accommodation with your own bed
  • Transfer from and to Keflavik International Airport
  • VAT
  • Photo equipment 
  • Transport to Keflavik airports 
  • Eventuele rit op een IJslander
  • Extra spending on meals, snacks, souvenirs 

There are two options for getting to Iceland. The most obvious way is to travel by plane to Keflavik airport. Not into flying? Then you can also take the ferry to Iceland from Denmark. The exact address where we expect you will be sent to you via e-mail. 

This photo trip is suitable for photographers who already know how their camera works. This is because we do not discuss theory together. Of course, it is possible to ask questions. However, you do not need to have a business or be a horse photographer. This trip is all about horse photography, so an affinity with horses would be useful (also for yourself). Are you a minor? No problem! With written permission from your parents, you are welcome on this trip. In case of health problems or illnesses, please contact us to discuss what is possible.

Please note that most locations are easily walkable, but keep in mind that it is an intensive programme where we will have many photo sessions. In addition, there is midnight sun, where it barely gets dark one day. So the photo sessions may be very early or very late in relation to the position of the sun and avoiding the tourists. We try to ensure as much (choices of) rest and relaxation as possible. In doubt? Send us a message and we'll look right over with you!

You will be sent a whole laundry list in preparation, but the most important things:

  • SLR camera with zoom lens (at least 200mm)
  • Sufficient memory cards
  • Camera charger and at least two batteries
  • An external hard drive or USB with sufficient memory
  • A laptop with Adobe Photoshop

Clothing essentials we recommend for travel:

  • Water- and windproof jacket
  • Warm water- and windproof trousers
  • Comfortable shoes you can easily walk on (e.g. hiking boots)
  • Possibly water shoes to go in the water

I have been to Iceland more than 10 times so I know exactly what you need to wear at least on a day to avoid being cold. It is hard to predict what the weather will be in Iceland during the trip. They don't say "if you don't like the weather just wait five minutes" for nothing. We go in July for a reason because of the most stable weather then. The temperature hovers around 15 degrees all day. However, the wind in particular can be cold compared to the Netherlands. Think of it as a day at the beach with the often accompanying strong wind. The photo sessions will be timed according to the weather. No worries and don't let this stop you from signing up!

A deposit of about 15% of the total amount will be sent two weeks after registration and confirmation. Only after several months will an invoice be sent with the rest of the amount. Payment in instalments is also a possibility!

We obviously want to keep the price as low as possible so that it is accessible to as many different people as possible. Unfortunately, Iceland is a very expensive country to stay in, so we are forced to do the price higher as well. We do, of course, want to be able to give you good food, great sleep and comfortable travel during the trip. So we don't skimp on these things. There are also several workshops included in the photo trip, in which we as photographers are fully open to let you grow as much as possible. We have invested a lot of time and money to prepare this photo trip to perfection.

  • An important question and something we have certainly been working on. I list below a few points that differentiate this photo trip from other photo trips now offered by other Dutch-speaking photographers.
  • It is in beautiful Iceland, where we will also really discover the country by visiting many locations in the south of Iceland with options to explore the country better.
  • The photo trip will be held during the summer period, which will hopefully allow us to take real summer photos with the purple lupines. In addition, you can experience the typical midnight sun. That means it never gets really dark (so no northern lights, unfortunately) and gives special sunsets and sunrises.
  • We hold lots of photo sessions in up to seven very different locations! You will thus gain a lot of practical experience and come home with fantastic portfolio material.
  • The models are almost all big studs in the Icelandic world. A unique opportunity to get them all in front of the lens.
  • The photo trip focuses mainly on learning to capture the connection between humans and horses. However, during this photo trip we also give several opportunities to capture horses alone in beautiful nature and have horses in action in front of the lens.
  • It is a small group of a maximum of eight participants going along. This allows for more personal attention and guidance during the trip.
  • The workshops will not only be about practice or photo editing. In fact, we will also teach you more about marketing, sales and communication with your clients before, during and after the photo shoot.
  • Jikke does not give workshops in the Netherlands on photography or editing, so this is a unique opportunity to see how she works!