hoe bereid je je dier en jezelf voor op een fotosessie

Exciting! That long-awaited photo session is finally scheduled!  Are you a model with your pet or a photographer and don't know how to go about preparing it? No problem at all! I will tell you all about it in this blog.

1) Dogs



For the photographer, it is easiest when your model knows the three basic commands: sit, lie down and stand. Practice these commands with your four-legged friend beforehand; make sure you practice them not only at home but also on location. 
Does your dog know any tricks? Make sure you practise these beforehand in strange locations. Sometimes, these tricks work very well at home, but because of the stimuli at a strange location, it can happen that your dog does not want to perform them. 

If you are able, wash your dog(s) before the photo session or take them to the groomer. Don't have the possibility to wash your dog? Then make sure the dog(s) are clean: coat free of tangles, eyes clean,...

Do you have a long-haired dog? Then take a brush with you, so you can brush the coat in between visits. Also bring a cloth or towel to easily remove drool or dirt.   

Photoshoot checklist

☑️ Bring the dog(s)' favourite toy for attention. This can be a ball, frisbee, pull rope,.... 

☑️ Bring tasty rewards (cheese - sausage - dried snacks - starry dog treats): The better something smells, the better the dog(s) will do. One good turn deserves another 😉 

☑️ Brush and cloth to keep coat/eyes/mouth clean

☑️ Do you have more than one dog with you? An extra pair of hands is handy. However, do not bring more people than necessary. More people also create more distractions. 

☑️ Let the dog(s) do their needs before the photo shoot. 

❗️Tip: On the day itself, do not schedule other commitments for your dog(s) such as dog school, agility, dog fitness,... but give them their rest. A photo shoot is very tiring and requires a lot of concentration. Think of it as their hour of dog school that they do during the photoshoot. 

2) Horses



Wash the horse(s) if possible. Make sure your horse(s) is definitely dry by the photo session. Not in a position to wash? Make sure your horse(s) is clean: clean coat without dirty spots, eyes and nostrils clean, mane loose or in buns,... 

Use baby wipes for removing dirt or snot. 

Before the photo session starts, apply some baby oil to the nostrils and around the eyes. This will make them shine extra in photos. You can use a wool polishing glove to add extra shine to your horse's coat.

If you are taking pictures of equipment (leather halter, bridle, saddle,...) make sure it is clean and fits well. Do not forget to clean the bit as well. 

Photoshoot checklist

☑️ Bring tasty rewards for the cuddle shots, for rewarding your horse or for attention. These can be sweets, carrots, apples or other treats. 

☑️ Spray your horse with insect repellent in summer

☑️ Neem babydoekjes/handdoek mee om snot en vuil weg te houden tijdens de fotosessie

☑️ Bring things you know your horse responds to for his attention. Examples: plumo, umbrella, ball, whip with plastic bag attached, biscuit box, balloon,... the crazier the better the attention usually 😜

☑️ Regardless of the type of photos that will be taken, it is always useful to have an extra pair of hands with you. Don't bring more people than necessary, which creates more distractions. 

❗️Tip: A photo shoot is tiring for yourself but also for your horse. Don't plan tiring workouts that day, but rather give them some rest. 

3) Yourself

Do you want to take your own photo? Then it is important to take some things into account. Here are some tips. The most important tip I can give in advance: wear clothes you feel good in.

With the dog on the photo

  • Avoid clothing with busy prints. 
  • Neutral colours like beige always do well in photographs. 
  • Would you like a beautiful dress/skirt in the photo but don't have anything available yourself? We have several dresses you can use during your photo session. You find these here

With your horse on the photo

  • Avoid clothing with busy prints. 
    • Still using a slightly busier print? Provide a calm background
  • Neutral colours are always a good option. 
  • Are you having a photo session with cuddly pictures? Dresses or skirts are always a nice option. We have several dresses available for you to use during your photo session. You can here

During the photo session we can use different colour choices:

  • Neutral/minimalist colours
    • See colour plates below
  • Colours that match the ambient colour. In other wordscolours that are next to each other in the colour wheel or have the same colour
  • Complementary colours in the colour wheel
Neutral colour choice that blends in nicely with the surroundings
Complementary colour choice: blue vs orange in the colour wheel

When I photograph dogs and their owners, I prefer to work with neutral/minimalist colours. Here are some of the colours that always work well in a photo. 

  • Top 2 rows good for spring/summer 
  • The bottom 3 rows are suitable for autumn/winter. 

When photographing horses, I will more often work with garments/dresses that complement or match the surroundings.

  • In autumn, for example, I will suggest wearing shades of blue. 
  • For example, when I photograph in the flowering heather, I look at dresses in pink or with purple in them.